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The Aircraft

Cassutt 111m Vs. CassuTT™

The Cassutt 111m aircraft is no longer available to home builders being an abandoned design since 2014 and is no longer supported by plans, parts, and kits. Known as the Cassutt 111M   I have attempted to provide help to builders by providing advice but will be concerntrating on CassuTT™ but happy to talk racing.


The CassuTT™ is my own work deaigning a new T Tailed Racer with a Tapered wing and attention from around the world in Formula 1 Air Racing  Easy to build, epic fast, and full of ramp appeal.


A CassuTT™ can top well over 240 MPH and buzz around an area on just 4.5 gallons an hour with 350 pounds of useful load.  The New CassuTT is wider and longer for bigger pilots. being more CG ready for modern props and pilots compared to the older designs.

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