Specs.. Are they legit?

There is a lot of Talk about speed specs.  An with Racing aircraft like the Cassutt there can be some real variance.  The basic airframe often stays the same but differnt modifications and how hard you run the engine makes changes in top speed.  I'm going to present Specs that I feel are honest and represent real world numbers and no hype.  Top speeds represent running beyond traditional RPM's  Performance is based often on keeping it light and clean.

Creighton King President and Lead Enthusiest.

Cassutt 111M


How Fast?

some as high as 250 MPH most are closer to 200-210.

Cruse at 180 on 4.5 Gallons per hour

Stall 65-70

Climb 1200 fpm

Empty Weight Some are 500 Pounds Most are about 575 Pounds, Fat Ones are 650

Gross 950

Fuel Capacity 15.5 Gallons Standard

Span 15 foot or 17 foot

Length 17 feet


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