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About Us

I am Creighton King. I love this aircraft as it brings a visceral experience to avation!

As I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah (USA), my  father  built airplanes in our garage. In my youth, I would ride my bike to the airport to wash airplanes in exchange for rides. I spent my days reading airplane magazines and dreaming of the airplanes that I would someday build.


I finished my dads homebuilt Piper Cub at age 18. I built a Kitfox at age 19. Later, I restored a Tripacer and modified the Cub with big tires, big power, and a big prop.  I have had several Cassutt projects including a Lycoming powered version and my own Reno Air Racer - Last Lap Player.


Last Lap Player was orginally  a traditional Cassutt 111M with a 17 foot wing and an 0-200. It is a whole new design now known as the CassuTT™. My CassuTT has been a blast and I describe flying it like a first kiss in grade school. It is a big improvemnt over older designs 


I do custome work for freinds building fast things as a humble operation with progressive ideas to build aircraft better and faster. I am excited to work wtih you to build this dream with you!

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