How we can get you flying!

The Cassutt is a mature design with many ways to build.  

  • Build from plans and make great progress

  • Buy complete parts to get a jump start

  • Parts can be purchased but not a Van's style complete kit with parts ready for assembly

  • You can get an older project moving with a new style cowling and firewall.

Cassutt 111M

The classic among the single seat speedsters and built strong as an ox. The Cassutt uses a chromoly steel structure and a wood multi ply spar wood wing with full span ailerons and a phenomonal roll rate.


The Cassutt meets the requirments to compete in International Formula 1.


Parts are available from a welded fuselage to a light weight carbon cowling.  Landing gear and wing ribs are ready to go. 


Get a set of plans to get going. Prices include shipping to the U.S. and Canada

Choose from:

  • Cassutt 111m - $295

  • Owl Racer - $295

  • Stockbarger tapered wing for Cassutt - $195


Interested in Going Fast?

Recent Magazine Coverage

"In the air its an absolute blast, and once on the ground it's easier than expected. It is difficult to think of a simpler airframe or an airplane that can so easily be built in a single car garage.  It's a great Sunday afternoon blow-the-cobwebs-out airplane."

Bud Davisson - EAA Sport Aviation Aug 2013


I find the Cassutt a simple, well-designed aircraft with an established track record as a Formula One racer and a great sport plane. It is a thrill to fly and attracts considerable attention wherever it goes. It is a nice flying airplane, very responsive, inexpensive to operate (gets about 25-30 miles per gallon), and very strong. With appropriate experience, a properly configured Cassutt is an inexpensive candidate for Primary/ Sportsman level competition.

Giles Henderson - IAC 159 - Sport Aerobatics Feb 2013

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